Made it to BP, bought a Mt Dew Code Red, and a couple packs of Lucky Strikes. Sunny day, in the mid-60’s. I also have a therapy appointment at noon, which I’ve already confirmed, and that will be via Google Duo, as per usual.nn10:15 AM now, and I slept ok. Definitely a nice day to wake up to. Warm rains are expected tomorrow, and of course I welcome that, as well.nnWords escape me this morning. Not sure what to write but that is usually the case when I have just woken up. That, and I am also going over different topics in my head to discuss in therapy when the appointment rolls around at noon.nn**SPD**nnOh shit, and it is St Patrick’s Day! I hope everyone is enjoying four leaf clover-flavored beer, and getting randomly kissed by strangers, and painting their houses green. It’s that special time of the year, when people acknowledge a Saint (Patrick), even though they (or I) have no religious affiliations. It’s also one of the days of the year that I do not fully understand, nor has anyone made an attempt to explain to me *why* we have a holiday called “St Patrick’s Day” – mostly because no one *else* knows what it is all about, either. To my (and most people’s) understanding, it’s just a day where beer is consumed, and Irish culture is celebrated for being the quirky, oddball (and perhaps overly-traditional) culture that it is (at least from my point-of-view, which on the “overly-traditional” front, I can say that *is* a matter of fact, as everyone in the O’Family is about as “meat and potatoes” and rigid, and strict, and prudish as they come).nnIf it wasn’t for my last name, I wouldn’t even think I was Irish. I mean, the freckles, and even the bit of red (orange) hair that comes in on my chin are very real. But I certainly just feel like a “standard American”. What I mean is, I don’t *feel* like I have a whole lot of “relatable” roots to Ireland, and I don’t consider myself an “Irish-American”, as my family (or some surviving members of it) came here during an Irish famine in the mid-1800’s (according to diligent research by my cousin “L”), so all of that was a long time ago, and as far as I can tell, there isn’t a lot of “embedded” cultural influence that was passed down over the years. Just sort of an overarching “this is how you should act/live” type of cookie-cutter traditionalism.nnAnyway, it’s fine. Just taking note.nnback later

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