OK, so since I assumed I would not be able to use my Amazon gift cards outside of asking someone *else* to place an order *for* me, I just went ahead and created an Amazon account for the time being. I will delete it (via e-mail, if I can – as they won’t allow for an automated account deletion process, because Amazon are scum), in time, but for now, I am following the recommendation from someone who reads the blog (who will remain anonymous) and placed an order for a pair of Linsoul Tin Audio T2 headphones. nnAlso, I just put on piano Xmas music on the Chromecast to drown out what the hell IoT device is beeping *incessantly* in this fucking digitized house from Hell. I can’t even turn the lights on in this joint because the light switches won’t work, because they’re on some bullshit timer or something, and…fmgdl.nnDid I mentioned how glad I am that Xmas is over and that I will be going back to my apartment soon?

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