I bought a bag of Ore-Ida shoestring fries at Schnucks earlier today. They are the "fast food" style, super thin fries. I call them "Steak N' Shake" fries, as that was the style that particular establishment used to serve (they are now out-of-business - RIP, because they had some really damn good food there). So, I will have these fries with some crushed sea salt, and that will be supper. Looking forward!

As for Now, I am sitting at the "writer's nook" in the bedroom, and have the floor fan cranked for A) air flow, B) to drown out the noise of my obnoxious neighbor(s), and C) to keep the convection of the apartment somewhat offset so the oven does not set off the smoke detector when I open the oven to take out the fries. I can either run the central fan, and keep the sliding glass door open, OR run the floor fan, but one or the other HAS to be done when using my oven when it is set to anything above 425 degrees, because the apartment is so small that the detector goes apeshit if I do not.

I would fetch a pop from the laundromat to go with the dinner, but the laundromat closes at 9:00 PM now (it is currently 9:20), due to a break in that happened at some point recently. I didn't hear of the break in when it happened (the apartment complex probably tried to keep it "hush-hush") but now there is a sign in the laundromat saying that due to that event, there are laundromat hours from this point forward. So, that definitely sucks.

Apparently car break-in's are not uncommon on this property, either. And I tend to get the impression that this complex (as well as Southfield across the street, and The Port in the other direction) are ALL on the decline in regards to relative safety.

I mean I can tell when a place is "less-safe", or "no longer safe" (at all) when I have been there for a period of time. I saw it happen with Sunset Point Apartments (in Crystal City, Missouri), and definitely with Pevely Pointe Apartments (in Pevely, Missouri). Perhaps my presence is simply "bad luck" for the property? Let's hope not.

Anyway, I am sure I will move sometime in the not too distant future, and ideally it would be to a place with some other residents around my own age. SO many oldies around here, which is fine IF you're an oldie, but for me (call me crazy) I prefer to be around people around my own age (or younger), because...that's generally how people work.

There is an apartment complex not far from here (next door to a QT gas station) called Captiva Crossing Apartments that I really do like a lot, but, their rates start at something like $1,100 for a one-bedroom, and that is not only out of my price range, but preposterous to charge for an apartment that is right on the county line between Jefferson County and South St Louis County. Everything else in that respective area is sometimes $650-$800 for a one-bedroom, and as far as I can tell, this apartment complex is just charging that amount as some arbitrary (and unfair) pricepoint, because I don't see what the hell the resident is "getting" for that cost?

Shit, I can get a relatively modern (and relatively new) studio apartment in West St Louis County (the "nice"/"fancy" part of STL) for $1,100 per month, and it would have a balcony, fireplace, new appliances, etc. In fact, I have such properties saved on my account on ApartmentFinder.com (as well as many others), because if I am ever near that income bracket, it is where I would be moving to.

I just know that South St Louis County is (slowly, over time) going by way of South City, which (slowly, over time) went by way of St Louis City proper, which (again, slowly, over time, in the course of a few decades) went to hell in a hand basket. At least according to people who lived in that area at one time. So other than finding a handful of "niche" blocks where one can not be in danger of...whatever the fuck violent shit happens in cities, then the better bet is to just uproot myself and get over to West County OR the outskirts of West County (West County West), where rents may be a bit more affordable than, say, "central" West County.

Anyway, about 20 minutes have passed, and I have since consumed the shoestring french fry supper (very tasty), and it is 10:10 now (50 minutes since the start of this blog post), and I need to do other stuff besides think of what to write next ;)

back soon