**Initially** (un-designed first version)n![](**Soon** (the designed/*good* version of how I plan to make **Thanx**)n![](, for the time being [Thanx Alpha 1]( (or, the redesign of the **Thanx** homepage) has stuff to the right linking to *this* blog, and [my Github](, but, that will of course be the sign-up/login form when I have everything done and good to go. nnVery basic, clean, but there is so, So, SO much more left to do! For now, I am doing the whole **git** thing, and figuring out that whole universe of info (which is fun, but there is a lot to learn, for sure). And basically, I do not want to put off learning the “flow” (or protocol, I suppose) of git at the end of this whole process. I want to be well-versed in everything when the **Thanx** project is ready to be “put out there” (which it already is, just no final version (or even *complete* version) as of this writing).nnAll in due time. No rush.nnBack laternn#dev

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