Every time I publish a blog post, it says there is a problem with the server, and that “humans have been alerted”, etc. Maybe one out of every four blog posts *shows* the post as having been published, but they all ARE publishing, despite the server error I am getting the other three out of four times.nnI am assuming this is due (in part) to [Matt]( having just moved to NYC (which I e-mailed him a “congrats” about :)), but hopefully this gets addressed soon, because I do not want to actually start *losing* blog posts (that is what ultimately got me to leave Tumblr – that platform sucked! (but it was awesome for a *few* years)). WordPress had this issue in 2009 (if I remember correctly), as did Blogger in 2006/07, so I don’t want whatever troubles the server is having now to plague W.a to death. nnAnyway, even if this ( was a self-host-only option, I would still use it and just run it on my VPS. That way the server would be MY problem! Haha. nnHowever, I *hope* that this isn’t (somehow) related to the Web3 stuff Matt has been talking about every so often on his bloggo. Many people seem to have a particular penchant for the…whatever Web3 is ([I certainly cannot figure it out!](, and to each their own – I know **I** have a bunch of hobbies/interests that no one takes a particular interest in, but nevertheless, I hope the “core” of the W.a system (and user experience) isn’t interrupted or disrupted by the Web3 stuff.nnMaybe I’ll bring this up if/when Matt gets an opportunity to reply to the e-mail, but…yea – server errors are bad.nnAnyway, back later

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