High of 43 today (hooray!), which means wet streets when the snow melts away. I don't think I am going anywhere, though. Just gonna stay inside mostly and write :)

Tobacco arrives today, as do the FotL shirts. The floorlamp ships, too (unless it makes the trip from Indiana to Missouri in under a day (expected delivery on Feb. 7)).

And yes, more coffee is being had, and it is delicious.

Hiking might happens sometime soon, but likely not tomorrow because of the aforementioned wet ground. But very soon I will get out there for another. I didn't spring for a Geocaching.com subscription in February, but I plan on getting one in April, because that is when I will actually get USE out of it (and also when I will be ordering the handful of items for the activity).


I decided to sport a moustache recently. It's mostly grown-in now, looks good, and it is a nice change from the smoothed-out "baby face", haha.

It is still what I would consider a "cop moustache", though, and not a "Yosemite Sam 'stache", or a "hipster 'stache", or a "biker 'stache" - but also not a razor thin "Vincent Price 'stache" or a "George Orwell 'stache", lmao!

There is nothing special I wanted to say about this revelation, just that I like having a moustache and it feels good. Very Job Corp-esque, for me. I think my entire Senior Year of high school (if I had attended - I dropped out and stayed at home and studied for my GED, instead - and blogged a lot) I sported a moustache, as well as immediately after, when I enrolled at St Louis Job Corps. So, from mid-2002 until early-January 2004 I had a "'stache". I actually shaved it the first night of arriving at Fort Sill, Oklahoma for BCT in the U.S. Army. Oddly, no one said anything about shaving it, so I kept it even after they shaved my head, but then I realized that there could be trouble if someone took notice that I had facial hair (which was/is banned in a training environment). So, off it went.

Had a 'stache a couple times since then, but that was more or less a "I'm lazy and I do not feel like shaving" type of situation. I don't think I shaved at all from 2005-2009, lmao! Also never wore socks in that time, either. I would sport "Jesus slippers" even when it was freezing cold out, as long as there wasn't snow on the ground. If there was snow on the ground, I would sport my decade-old Doc Marten's. Again, with no socks.

I'd say I am a little more "put together" now, but I still want to go back to the "no sock" philosophy. And I have a pair of Xero Shoes (which are very similar to the Jesus slippers I had, but much nicer in every way), so I may go the entirety of this Summer sporting nothing but Xero Shoes (in a sockless manner). I would still need to wear the New Balance shoes for hiking, of course, but for everything else - sandals.

Here's to freedom (of responsibility)!