So, after reading reviews, the Moto G Power 2021 and 2020 editions are garbage. 2019 (the one I have) was the way to go. Of course the thing is two years old now, and the processor moves at a snails pace (as I mentioned a couple posts back), so, I looked at another phone to get in December (instead of a Moto model). nnI think I will get the Nokia G20 – 128GB storage, 4GB RAM, 28MP camera (I think was the number?), but most importantly, a 5000 mAH battery on the thing! And a 6.5 inch (“HD+” (AKA 1080p)) screen. That’s a *large* phone, and a *large* battery, and I think I will like that, regardless of if the camera is stellar or not, or the storage is roomy or not. nn$200, not too bad, imo. nnSmartphones are such a commodity – so much can be bought for so little nowadays. I also looked at the iPhone SE (2nd Gen) and it was double the cost of the G20. But you know the real kicker? BOTH of these phones will last ~2 years. Tops. So it doesn’t matter which one I get. Built-in obsolescence is a very real thing, and it always has been a real thing and always will be a real thing. Unfortunately. nnWhatever. The G20 should work out OK (or I hope), and maybe I can have some semblance of speed back to my mobile device.

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