So, I think, for the first time in many years, I am going to actually maintain two(2) blogs. This blog here (, and the blog over on W.a ( Now, I did (or do) have a sub-blog on W.a called Currently (which I loved to update on-the-fly, and have short updates and whatnot) that was "active" when I was primarily blogging on tmo, but, that was more or less a "side thing", and is now set to Private (I am pretty sure). I may do something with it again, but it is doubtful. I also swapped out the domain from my first W.a blog (which was called diarist) and utilize that name on a third (unused/Private) blog on my main W.a account. I guess it is sort of like "domain squatting", and that is a bad thing to do, but...idk.

Anyhow, most of everything written will be here on, but I will put stuff on sometimes, too, because I like the feature (as Alpha as it is), and there is a small, but very friendly "community" over on W.a that I still appreciate. But of course, a true community can only happen IRL (or at least that is how I see it), but, W.a is a nice place to correspond sometimes, I guess.

All of this is blog fodder and relatively unimportant, but, just taking note

back soon