server duty, newsletter editing, and mopped til I dropped

So, I arrived at IC around 10:45, and the only thing immediately available for volunteer work was being a server ("waiter detail"), and by volunteering to do so, I was able to eat lunch a half hour early. So I did. For the first 15 mins, I was the only server, but then other people volunteered after a short while (the duty lasts for a bit over an hour). I had never done waiter/server work before, but it was fairly straight forward considering all tables had their number on them (tables #1 through #23), and also the person's name on the ticket, which was given back to them because they would then use it to go to the register to pay post-meal.

It was cool. Busy. Enjoyable.

Then I did...something. I don't remember what. Oh, I sat through a sort of "housekeeping" sort of meeting on the Upper Level (the level I joined with, even though I can do whatever on the Street Level or/and Basement Level), and during said meeting the Basement Level Coordinator said that the two members who usually volunteer for a bunch of things on Mondays/Tuesdays (on the Basement Level) are both gone this upcoming Mon/Tue, so she was looking for volunteers to help out. So when the housekeeping meeting ended, I went down to the Basement Level and spoke with her about how I would try my best to be there (at IC) on Mon or/and Tue to volunteer for said detail/duty. I also just wanted to introduce myself, because I had not met her before.

Then back to the Upper Level where a Unit (level) Meeting was ongoing. Not a meeting, per se, but just a list of afternoon assignments that people were volunteering for right then. I signed up for sweeping/mopping the kitchen, and also was introduced to a lady who is in charge of editing the IC newsletter. I am supposed to be there Tuesday afternoon to collaborate with the editing/formatting of the newsletter, and also Thursday (meaning next Thursday) if I can for the finalization of it. I will try for BOTH days. In the meantime, she gave me a rough draft copy of the October newsletter, and I am to edit it as best I can (or find spelling mistakes, etc), and perhaps come up with an idea in regards to how it could potentially be improved. Dapper! I will do so this evening. It is four pages, back-to-back, so eight pages total.

And as for the sweeping/mopping detail, I did all of that just fine, but it took from 2:15 until 3:00 on the dot, and the kitchen was fairly warm because the stove burners never 100% turn off, so I was sweating pretty good by the time I was done. I didn't "drop" though, lol!

Then it was downstairs to wait for my caseworker to pick me up. She did, and we went though Illinois a bit for the route back to my apartment, because there is construction on Highway 55. It took us straight over the bridge in downtown St Louis and then went Southbound adjacent to the Mississippi River to the bridge that leads to Telegraph Road, which starts in Missouri. So, hi, Illinois.

There was also some sort of liquid spilled in the caseworker's car, which I didn't realize until exiting the car, so the bottom of my backpack got soaked, but not the contents inside. Currently, the backpack is empty and drying on my door handle in my living room, and all the contents are splayed out on the desk in the kitchen. I will re-pack it momentarily.

I also called Metro to try to schedule transport to/from IC for this Thursday and this Friday, and I struck out on both days. So I will call ON Friday to schedule FOR Monday, and also call ON Saturday to schedule FOR Tuesday. As I mentioned, I want to be there Monday and Tuesday.

So, newsletter editing tonight. I will write something for the newsletter eventually, but not for this issue, as it is very close to pub date (Oct. 1). But editing will happen.

And coffee is happening. And other various activities for the evening.


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