Or in a traditional sense, “separating the art from the artist”. This works to a certain extent, but whoever the “creator” is (be it YouTuber, blogger, or musician, or actor, or whatever) I (personally) have limits over what I can “tolerate” before I just abandon the “creators” content for good, due to lack of morals from said creator (such as Woody Allen or Michael Jackson – monsters).nnBut, what I am writing about here, is about bloggers online, and how oftentimes, when I am reading content from someone, I oftentimes don’t pay much attention to my opinion of (or my *perception* of) the person (the blogger) themself. I just don’t really care if I have a genuine agreement with, nor kinship for, the writer in question. In other words – I can not like you and still read you. And that’s fine (it’s fine in my mind, anyway – and *I’m* the one who is reading them, afterall).nnI’d say that 20% of the bloggers I read, I don’t put any particular emphasis into their opinions or lifestyle (at least in regards to how it affects *my* day), but I still consider them “of value”, and what they put on their blog that *isn’t* of opinionated nature, I tend to gravitate towards, and derive a fair amount of value from that content.nnSo, I just had this idea cross my mind, and wanted to share it. nnback later

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