I swear, I have had Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away” (distantly) stuck in my head since 2016. Sounds dire, for sure – but, it is just that fact that the song just “appears” in my head every few weeks or so, and it is like I *just* heard it, and then it is in technicolor clarity in my head for another two weeks following.nnIt’s maddening!nnNow, I compounded the issue by listening (watching) the cover of that song by Tiffany Alvord and Chester See (a great duet, a terrible song that will simply not go away).nnI’ve listened to THOUSANDS of (different) songs in this time (from 2016 until now). In fact, I tend to listen to a dozen or more songs every DAY via the Tidal music application. NONE of them are by Katy Perry. And even if a song gets stuck in my head temporarily (or/and even *potently* – AKA a song that “bothers” me to even think of it), such as Megan Nicole’s song “Temporary” (a beautiful track (if listened to in moderation)), or Pixies “Debaser”, or (more recently) The Smiths “Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me” – no matter what “hangs around”, it always goes back to that Katy Perry song :(:(nnI seriously do not know what to do.nnI will figure out something, though.nnback soon

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