Got an E-mail from ProtonMail, and they wanted me to verify my recovery e-mail (why I didn’t do that before, I do not know). So, I did that. Which required going ALLLL the way across the room and fetching my Yubikey 2FA hardware key, and then using it with my Google account (recovery e-mail is a Gmail address – it’s whatever), because I was logged out of my Google account on my phone some time back, and hadn’t logged in again. So, I signed in, verified the E-mail. Then, went back to the PM site, and decided to add my phone number as an *additional* recovery method. And the passphrase option was already enabled, and that is written down…somewhere. nnAs secure as I can get (I guess). Good!nnAlso, texting back and forth with a childhood friend. We hadn’t chatted (texted) since July of 2021. Or, I should say when he texted me three days ago, the last text from him to me was “hey man, what’s up?” and that was dated July 27, 2021, and I didn’t reply (SMS notifications were turned off at that time, due to text spam, so I never saw the text). So really, I don’t know when the last time I talked to him was. We’ve been BS’ing back and forth for a couple days now, but the time before that? I have no clue. nnGood dude. nnNothing else pertinent occurring in my neck of the woods. I found a new blog that I considered RSS’ing to, but then read through the archives and saw that there was a lot of dev/code stuff that was WAY above my pay grade. I tried reading/understanding some of it, but it is just stuff that I am simply not familiar with :/ Someday. Maybe. nnBack soon

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