Created the pages for The Zine Around The Corner and (my) writing here on the ol' bloggo so I can link to those pages with ease should I want to in the future. Nice to be able to host my own PDF files for once :)

Ghost is so good, lol!

I can't believe I spent as much time on Tumblr as I did back in the day. But Tumblr was "the place to be" at one time. Even if it was just a follower-hoarding, "look at me" type of platform full of emo memes and ridiculous photography - people used to think it was cool! Now the service is not maintained and hardly functional from what I can see. Once valued (in fact, BOUGHT) for $1 billion (by Yahoo!), and then re-sold for like $3 million to WordPress, or Automattic, or whoever the hell - talk about a failed loss! Terrible platform. Both Tumblr and WordPress are, in fact. Blogger is a quick way to look unprofessional on the WWW, as well. The only platforms that I have come across that are anywhere near any good are Ghost,, and maybe (if one likes a bit of a social element added to their blogging routine). had tons of things going for it, then it got bogged down with a million micro-features no one asked for, and the "big" features everyone wanted were prototyped and promised, and never came to light, and for whatever plagues that service, I swear, it could work wonders if the platform simply hired a team of employees (even a small team) to keep shit maintained and developed.

I'm happy here, on Ghost - and that's what counts :)

back soon