We roll past 12:30 AM now. Rain still falls from the sky. Mid-40's. I take notice that my leg has not twitched nor had a spasm in a couple days (or more), and that what had been going on in terms of viral infection has passed, which I am 100% grateful for. Life moves forward, Thank Dog!

Coffee is bold. The same cup I had brewed in the last post, just finishing up now.

Sometimes I wonder, "how many people legit read this blog?". I mean there is the possibility of Plausible Analytics, and I can plug that service into this blog like I did briefly before, and see what region people are reading, and daily reads, and on and on, but there is really no means to doing that. It more like an ends - view the data just so I know that people are seeing/reading along. But in the end, it isn't that important, so I won't fuss with it.

back soon