About to strike 1:00 AM, and I "brewed" a second cup of coffee, and am sipping now.

[ 20 minutes later ]

It's 1:20 now, and I just slowly sipped this coffee and more or less zoned out a bit. No things of direct interest passed through my mind, other than a fine observation of, and appreciation for, the ability to simply zone out, and not have my mind and thoughts be focused on any type of pain. I feel that the antibiotics fixed what I had going on, and now I am much more comfortable, and at ease. It is also nice to not be writhing in excrutiating (sp?) tooth pain, which was "the" or "a" pain which I had previous to the viral infection. Before that, a thrown out back. So, bad things come in threes, and January and February saw three painful and misery-making injuries, ailments that had for the most part taken over my life. I wish it on no one.

Now, more optimism, more focus, and just a general sense of happiness in my life :)

And, I 100% plan on getting a tattoo in April, too! Now, yes that involves a certain amount of pain, but that is OK, because tattoo pain is (to me) tolerable, and of course always worth it. The tattoo, itself, will be a sort of flower outline/blackwork/weird swirly thing, and it will go on my left elbow. Very hard to describe what the image is, but I have a photo of it, and it's pretty boss, so I will get it. In terms of tattoo priorities, nothing has changed. I still plan on sleeving my left arm completely by the time I turn 40 years old (I am 38 now). I'd say 35-ish percent of the arm is done already, and this elbow tat will be the first on the bottom/outer part of the arm, as everything else is in the inner-arm, so to speak. All black and grey, as well (besides one small tattoo on my shoulder which has some red in it, which is also my first tattoo). I also have some ideas for what to get in other spots on the arm, but of course nothing is done until it is done, so I won't go into what I have planned. They will all be blackwork OR black and grey, though, for sure.

The difference between the two (if anyone is wondering), is that a black and grey tattoo (which is the correct spelling for that) is more or less a tattoo that is done in "monochrome" colors, or "black and white". A blackwork tattoo is quite similar, but mostly it is just solid blacks, and little to no grey shading is involved at all. And then there is the style of tattoo called blackout, which is essentially a large swath of skin that is tattooed black throughout. Generally there is no "image" involved in a blackout tattoo, other than perhaps an outline of some type. Most often I see the style with someone who gets a "blackarm" tattoo (an entire arm that is tattooed completely black), sometimes with a pattern, sometimes different elements involved, and of course it can be anything - because it's art, it's a tattoo! Anything goes!

I, personally, adore the black and grey style of ink, as well as blackwork, and have a nice penchant for the blackout style as well, but I do not think I will get a blackout style in my life, because I am very fond of the individual images and details of the ink I have on my left arm right now, and will likely opt for some obscure sleeving style to go with them. The right arm, no clue what will go on there, yet. I have my late-Father's memoriam piece on there, of course (in color), and it's my favorite tattoo.

And, with all my tattoos being from different artists, I wouldn't be able to summarize what my tattoo "style" is (other than a lot of black and grey). There's traditional Japanese (koi fish), stars, an olive branch, some weird zombie head, Japanese Kanji (translating as "soul" or "spirit" or "ghost"), and that's about it for that arm. Then, I will get this blackwork outline thing, and see where I go from there.

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