I just have the sliding glass door cracked open a little bit this evening, because I do not want it to get cold in here. And also because the temp of my apartment is *just* where I want it (72F). Outside, the leaves have fully changed color (almost everywhere) and are falling from the trees, covering the courtyard, and also there is a breeze to accompany the crisp, cool air :)nnTomorrow (Friday), windy as hell, from what I hear. Looking forward to that, too. Saturday, going to the ‘rents for the O’Family get together, and also to acknowledge my 38th birthday (even though that is a week away). We will hang Xmas lights, do some other tasks around the house, eat good food, will be a good time.nnTonight, I will ice the leg some more, and elevate it here and there, too. Trying to get the swelling down in the foot a bit, and try to make the leg “walkable” (even though I can walk now – but slowly – I need to be able to walk NORMAL again!).nnAlso, I reached out to my brother-in-law about the “git flow” stuff, as he has a degree in Computer Science (technically, it is a degree in Computer Technology from 1992, but he still knows/uses a lot of stuff, so…). I’ll see what advice I can derive from him, and then go from there. May wind up on DDG, looking high and low for a clear answer (and also from a reliable source, and not some “blog” section of a corporation that is (secretly) trying to get me to use their product). Gotta be weary of those types of things.nnBack later

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