I [made a wiki page]( for myself to replace the “short and simple wiki” (which was a silly name), and basically made the *exactly* same page, and called it just “wiki”. nnAlso, mental fog again, I don’t know where I am going with this (haha) – oh yes, I had to scroll through pages and pages on my blog to see where I had that “wiki” page at, because it was over a week ago that I wrote it, and it was on page 17 of this blog, so I guess that means 165-170 blog posts in a week or so? Sounds fairly accurate (sadly?). And the *reason* I had to find it that way (instead of just typing “”) was because I wanted to *Pin* the page to the top of the bloggo, which can only be done when you are on/at the page where that post resides. Make sense? Of course not. I opened an issue about this oversight on d.w.a, and no one replied, so….great.nnAnyway, I just did that. And made coffee. Gonna drink the coffee now.

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