screenshot someday

I still pop in to Mastodon instances, sometimes. Usually it is someone I have on my 1Feed RSS feed, which the majority of the time I can just see the entire "toot" (or status update) via the 1Feed app, itself, but sometimes there is a photo involved with the status update, which involves me clicking on the link to go to whichever Mastodon instance it is, because if there's 2 or more snaps, they will only be viewable on Masto, as 1Feed sort of has a 1 photo preview limit.

But, on Fosstodon, there is a thing called #screenshotsunday, and I like viewing those "toots", sometimes, so I thought I'd share my own screenshot from the MBA real fast...

As you can see, I have Google Duo, for therapy (a Web app/shortcut through Firefox, not Chrome)

"To-be-uploaded" folder, for snaps I've captured + other general things I have to upload to my external SSD

"dev stuff" - self explanatory. Any/all development files/resources for just that, web dev

"info" - general acct log-in information + contact stuff

"easy access junk" - such as my default avi, or any other files I need access to regularly, instead of storing them in some other random folder in Documents

The dock:


Standard Notes (for most things, always)


Terminal (default that came with macOS)

TextMate (changed the icon to a custom thing, because I didn't like the platinum pink flower that is the icon by default)


And the background/wallpaper is something from either Oxygen OS or Pop OS, whichever one, and it's been my wallpaper on any given device for years now - starting with a Raspberry Pi 4 years ago.

Neat(?), I guess


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