I've been wanting to remake the Pong game that I had made with Scratch 2 software back in 2017 for a while now. I made it for the CS50x class I was taking on EdX, and I ended up submitting the project via Github (as all assignments were submitted via that method), and it turned out OK, and I go a "Go" or, a "Pass" - so that is good :)

Anyway, I downloaded Scratch 2 just now for macOS (the original game was designed on a 2014 MBA, I think), and I am using the offline version of the game editor, because I don't want to have dropped connections and all kinds of BS occurring when I am trying to make something.

So what I am making is a Pong game. That's all I can say for right now (I have no idea what other "bells & whistles" will be added to it). So, stay tuned :)