9:45 AM, and I walked in from Schnucks just a bit ago. Got proper food, and a Bic lighter. Now, having a Pibb Xtra, and watching the snow lightly fall outside my window. It snowed the whole way there and back, but it was a light snow, so no big deal. The streets/sidewalks were clear, so that's good.

No other special plans for the day. Will put on some music in a little bit here. Am also going to migrate to the kitchen desk right...now!

....and, in the kitchen. 27F, blinds are open, but the sliding glass door is shut, and the furnace is on. The day will be a day spent inside with shoestring french fries, sodie pop and music :)

So, sort of a desolate and icy day here, and that is OK, because I got what I need, and every is shibby.

back soon