I was going to have therapy at 1:00 PM today, but it was postponed for a few hours (I am guessing due to #WFH stuffs (sorry for using that hashtag all the time, by the way)), so I am going to have therapy at 5:00 this evening (via Google Duo, as usual). It’s no big deal at all, as I have nothing special planned for this evening.nnSo, since I had free time this afternoon, I went to Schnucks (which was insanely busy for a Friday, surprisingly), and got Bic razors, iced coffee, specialty pancake mix (BirdTree, or BirchTree, or something – very good) and some bananas. Been *soo* long since I had fruit, and I was craving it.nnAnd since arriving home, I already offed two small cups of iced coffee while I watched the latest episode of LGR (about a MiSTER retro gaming “emulator” that doesn’t emulate, but more or less *replicates* stuff on custom hardware. Neat!).nnThat’s 90% of what I watch on YouTube nowadays, it seems – computing, dev, retro gaming, retro computing, DIY stuff, audio gear reviews, etc. The occasional tobacco pipe or/and comedy skit video gets thrown in there, too. And even though YouTube recommends a boatload of “news” and “press” clips (particularly politically jarring ones), I avoid the shit out of all of those. YouTube is the last place I still have to *proactively* and *deliberately* avoid media content on a day-to-day basis, because…it’s Google. And Google’s motto is “let’s BE evil!”.nnAnyhow, therapy this evening. nnBack later

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