Got iced coffee (amongst many things) at Schnucks just now. Sunny walk, was nice. And I already had two small mugs of the stuff, and am heating water for a FULL mug of instant HOT coffee.nnLooking forward to it, haha.nnSliding glass door: wide open. Sky: sunny. Breeze: filling my apartment. Would love some aromatic tobacco right now, but alas, I have none. I may have to mess around and get a Swisher BLK Smooth from BP later and have it out of the Rossi pipe, just to get a (somewhat) pleasant aroma going in here. “Somewhat” is in parenthesis because gas station cigars (even the aromatic kind) tend to have the “gas station cigar” aroma to them. Or, I might skip the flavored stogie and just get a Backwoods Russian Creme cigar (in a 2-pack (I think)) and have the maximum *flavor* to it, and not care as much about the aroma filling the room. In fact, that is likely what I will do. Backwoods makes good pipe tobacco, too, but their cigars are better (in flavor, not in structure – they fall apart almost they are so dry).nnI definitely have laundry to do today, and I think I will start that when I am done with my coffee (the third cup, that is). But, I left the canvas (hemp-like) tote bags in the mom’s van when I was donating all that stuff to Pevely Pantry the other day, so I have to wrap up my laundry in a big flannel blanket like an old school hobo, lmao! It’s the same blanket I keep on the easy chair, and it is *just* large enough to accommodate a load of laundry, so, there we go.nn*After* laundry, I will make a jaunt to BP, buy a Backwoods cigar, who knows what else? May have a shower before that, too.nnAnyway, gonna enjoy the day. Back later.

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