I went to Schnucks this morning, and decided that their food was too inflated/overpriced for me to get that much, so I got bananas and a 1 Liter soda, instead. But then that grew old, so I went *back* to Schnucks and bit the bullet and got some real food. This time, just a Schnucks cheese pizza and a Arnold Palmer Signature Half & Half lemonade/tea drink, the best lemonade/tea drink in the world.nnInflation IS insane these days, though. Most $5-ish pizzas are now $9, and even a 20 ounce soda is $2.50. LMAO! I guess that’s the price we pay (literally) for living in “advanced civilization”. I say “fxxx it”, give me a less advanced civilization and let me buy sxxx to survive. nnI have no desire to rant/whine about taxes or inflation, though. It (inflation) hurts many (most) people, and benefits exactly no one. But “that’s how it is”.nn[Like I said yesterday](, the stock market is tanking with no end in sight, so I guess inflation will continue? Doesn’t matter, I can do nothing to stop it. (Jeez, TM, stop reading dog gone news headlines!)nnIndeednnback soon

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