So, I e-mailed my dentists office, and I asked them to contact me back via e-mail (if possible), but if they *had* to call me back, to leave a voicemail and I would return their call ASAP. I never answer my phone unless I know exactly who is calling. But, the appointment I am looking to schedule with them is Jan 27 at noon. Let’s hope they have that time/date available.nnAlso, I went ahead and scheduled a time to file my taxes, which will be Jan 28 at 11:00, and that will be with the same person I file with every year – a very nice lady in Crystal City, Missouri who knows her stuff. Good deal! nnThe TV console delivery? No clue when that will get here (via FedEx). It simply says that it left the warehouse on December 31, and no other updates besides that. The official FedEx Tracking…tracker says that there is no relevant information at this time, either (almost like they had the label printed and nothing has left yet). But it *is* a valid tracking #, so…who knows? It will get here when it gets here, though. No big rush.nnThe other stuff in the mail will get here when it gets here, too. I am expecting tobacco to arrive via USPS on Thursday, and that is also a day where I have a (virtual) therapy appointment, and also planned to go to the ‘rents to take down Xmas decor, because that didn’t get done the other day as we were simply too busy setting up the TV, TV stand, and breaking down boxes, moving the *old* entertainment center into the garage, etc. BUT, Thursday is no good to take down decor, because the #stlwx here will be in the single-digits and snow/ice all day, so I don’t think anyone wants to drive in that (particularly *my* ride doesn’t want to), so, that is more than understandable.nnThe B&H Photo package (the SSD non-slip grip tape (or whatever)) will be here on/by Jan 10. My Revolut Card should be here on/by Jan 10, as well.nnFun stuffnn

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