Sunny day here, walked to BP, got smokes (IDK why), and a pop to start off the morning with. I also tried to schedule an appointment for a tooth extraction, no one is answering at the dentist office. But I did make an appointment with the Primary Care doc yesterday (via phone application - no need to call) to check out what is going on with my back + see about possible steroid shots for it (to prevent re-injury). I feel I mentioned the back thing before in regards to the appointment, so... this is a reminder?  

Anyway, gotta schedule this dental appointment ASAP. I get put on hold for 10 minutes at a time, and that's no good (I don't even know if they are in the office currently).

So, that will happen in due time, and I will call back soon.

Other things (not really appointment-related):

  • get a U.S. Passport made in March (probably, but maybe sometime after that)
  • get a Yubikey 5C nano security key (for 2FA), that is slimmer than the current one I have (the regular Yubikey 5C). The "nano" will live permanently in the USB-C slot on the MacBook, and I can start using it for more online accounts. As where the regular 5C will stay on my keychain for when I am out and about and don't have the MacBook with me, and I may need access to an online account (that requires 2FA).
  • transfer existing domains to DNSimple, and pay for their annual plan ($60 per year). I gotta ditch (upselling) GoDaddy, as they SUCK!
  • And also (probably) spring for AT&T home internet service (called "Internet 100") in March. Would be a good idea, I think. Then I can start fooling with a Raspberry Pi and whatnot as a mini home server if I want to (which I think I will). And also be able to use the Google Chromecast (FINALLY!) because it does not recognize my tethering app from my phone.

All these things will happen as they happen, and I will update here accordingly ;)

back soon