I won't go super specific, but everything is arranged that needs be arranged :):)

So, terrific :D

I leave outta here (leaving STL) tomorrow AM

I will be doing some stops along the way (as I am NOT flying (availability + pricing was stupid expensive, fxxx that))

The trip will take roughly 60 hours, and yes, it is Amtrak :)

I DID try to do the Greyhound method, but their availability to my destination was zilch. It only want to Portland, and roughly the same price as airfare one-way (weird)

So, I got the trip I needed for a good price directly to Eugene, Oregon (dapper!)

No worries here. The ticket is paid for. The cab ride to the station will be paid in-cab (because Yellow Cab cannot hobble together a website to save their life - there was NO way for me to pay).

Special thanks to Mike (Mastodon link) for the mentioning of Amtrak running through/to Eugene, because I never thought Amtrak ran to more obscure-ish places like that (I assumed it was always MAJOR/LARGE cities, and nothing else).

As mentioned here, here, and here, I am all squared away and ready to go. I have been organizing, "planning", arranging this trip for the better part of two weeks now. It's been a terrible stressor and burden to be in this apartments during that time. Between this slum being a chicken coop panopticon, and the annoying neighbors, the aging (nearly dead) residents of this County, and everything else - I have been burdened and frazzled for MORE than two weeks. Months, really.

I just had minor logistics to take care of, and now everything is set, and I am fairly relieved :)

More on all this later