I went ahead and put up a “final” blog post on ** [here](, and I wrote a tad about blogging, blogging experiences, and this and that. Mostly about how I Like W.a a lot, and will stick around here, as it is “home” :)nnGhost is definitely the second best blog service I have used, though. I self-host it, which makes it good (in some ways, in my mind), but W.a just makes more sense, for me.nnI won’t go into all this stuff, because it is written in the post linked above, but…yea. I like to “blog”.nnAnyway, I will stop writing about the “meta” elements of blogging for a while (I guess), as the last few posts have centered around “consolidating” all the little blogs I had here and there. That’s done. That’s written. No need to beat a dead horse.nnSo other things will come across my mind in time (likely in a few hours, haha). So I will write about those things then.nnback later

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