The Motrin I took earlier has worn off, leaving me with bad tooth pain, so I took two more (regular strength) and hope they will kick in and relieve the pain for the remainder of the night.

Also, I started dishes, took out the trash, Clorox Wiped down the counter, made coffee, etc. - all in a night.

finite knowledge, finite projects

I need to read a book on PHP. Any book that is a good "starting point" for the language. I did have the e-book called "PHP For Beginners Handbook" (or something to that effect), but I have since "lost it" (or deleted it). Though honestly, I only got through the first 1/3 of the book and then skimmed through the rest, mostly. And yes, "the Internet exists" and I can learn a lot online (as I have done so for the past year), but seeing as I am kinda between projects at the moment, I would like to do some formal reading up on PHP in particular. So, increased knowledge = increased projects.

And I do have the Parody Project going on, but that requires A) more money to get the thing active, B) little to no "new" coding knowledge on my end (unless I decided to self-host the thing, which I am not doing).

Long story short: I am not too interested in how 2021 went (which was something like this):


- shipped v.0.1 and v.0.2 of (later dismantled)
- officially begin development of Thanx (discontinued)
- begin recording another old.leary EP using simple, lo-fi technologies (work-in-progress)

Now, all of that is well and good (better than doing nothing), but, proved to be far too difficult (at this point in time, anyway), was a constant work-in-progress, and I bullshitted myself into thinking it would A) ever get done (properly), and B) that I was having any level of fun with actually MAKING the thing. And as far as the old.leary EP - well, that can get done when it gets done because it is only for fun, and when I am feeling super inspired to work on it.

So, what does 2022 hold for me? Well, so far:


- create new blog using Ghost(.org) software, hosted at
- re-create "PAP (Plain Ass Pong) v.1.0" on Scratch 3 software (the original I made in 2017 using Scratch 2).

The blog you are reading right now, I installed that, set it up, and it looks good (new theme still needed, though). And I re-created the "Plain Ass Pong" game that I originally made in 2017 for a CS50x course. So, that's a decent start for under two months. Blog setup in January, "PAP" in February, maybe something again in March? IDK. We'll see.

But, I just want to have some stuff done this year. Not a huge undertaking, but it would make me feel better :)

back soon