9:00 PM on the dot. Just fetched a package of Hostess donuts from the vending machine, and had them with coffee. I also bought some Pop Tarts for later (hashtag healthy). Then, I had some VA/Per tobacco out of the Missouri Meerschaum Cobbit Shire corncob pipe, and I gotta say that a churchwarden style pipe really works for me. The additional two inches of stem causes the smoke to travel further (and further away from the cherry), and cools off the smoke a bit, and therefore doesn't give me any type of tongue bite, and it's a soft/cool smoke. Having not had pipe tobacco in two weeks, and then jumping straight in to an aromatic blend, immediately followed by a VA/Per blend, I would expect the tip of my tongue to be scorched, but everything is cool and easy with the churchwarden. Nice.

Also, this being Day 5 of the antibiotics, I feel that what had been going on with the infection I had, has for the most part cleared up. Less, or maybe even no discomfort, no more leg spasms, nothing like that. So I am glad that it got taken care of (or continues to get taken care of - I still have five more days to go).

Anyway, the coffee was good, too. I am mildly caffeinated, the STLWX temps are perfect outside, there is a breeze going through the apartment, everything is nice this evening.

And yea, I am more or less just trying to get back into the swing of things in terms of writing, writing topics (the few and varied that I mention from time to time), and other elements of "everyday life" after two months of immense pain and discomfort from tooth issues, viral infections, and just a general malaise of negativity clouded up everything I did. Past that now, though. More positive days ahead! :)

back soon