sans toxic people - sans drink

I can't really put it more eloquently. When I remove toxic people from my life, I no longer want to consume alcohol. I am recovering alcoholic (that is IN recovery, I do not drink), and I plan on staying sober, and will.

And before any presumptions are made, no I do NOT blame anyone other than myself for my alcoholism or my times of drinking. I did it myself (a bit more on this later).

I noticed, a couple times in life, that my alcohol consumption "comes about", when I am around toxic characters in my life. namely family members (some of them - MOST of them). When I make the (correct) decision to stay away from them, I soon decide it is a good idea to get/stay sober. And I do.

I feel more "at threat", and at "unease" around the toxic folks. I dislike them and their worldviews more than probably anything else on Earth. I always try to BE good, and surround myself with people that think likewise - a handful of my family members are not of this line of thinking. I won't expand on that - but they're narcissists, and generally unlikeable (not a word) by my standards. So I stay away.

A word on "I did it myself" from earlier. In 2009, Dr Drew (probably @DrDrew) on Twitter was, like most celebrities, willing to respond to, comment, and interact on that platform. It isn't this way now, but at one time people would talk to anyone and everyone. So that was nice. But, when Dr Drew had a hit show with "Celebrity Rehab" and was active on Twitter, I Tweeted at him a few times, and he said something in response to a comment I made to him once, saying "no one is responsible for their alcoholism, but they ARE responsible for their recovery FROM it."

Very nice. I agree 100%.

So, that wraps up what I wanted to say here. Environmental changes put me in a better state, and I make "the right" choice. Otherwise, I self destruct.

Back soon

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