So, I have this domain ( for this here bloggo, but I am not "olry", as that is simply a shorter version of my actual last name. I go by "Thomas" (usually) in real life, and my initials are "TMO", and that is why the old bloggo was always either "" or "" - so, I changed the name on to reflect my initials, and it just says "TMO" up in the lefthand corner now.

Big deal, right? LOL!

But anyway, I need to figure out what the cost would be (in terms of a VPS upgrade) to upload and self-host ALL of my old blog posts from W.a onto this blog. I just want the entirety of the archives in one spot.

But then again...

...old blogs are old blogs. Why continue on with a body of work, or one consistent document/journal, anyway? I mean, an old journal, a new journal - a new blog, an old blog - it's just there to exist, what difference does it make what roof it is under?

So, on second thought, the old stuff can be old(er) stuff over on W.a, and everything else will be here. I started where I started here on Ghost, so I will keep things the way they are. It's whatever.

The name though, it's my initials, and that isn't going to change, so it will be reflected as such in the blog "title".

back soon