Safe-walking at Nightfall

It's 8:24 PM in late-September, and I just walked in from a short walk to BP. I fetched a large pop, as my stomach is gross and indigested from no stomach meds this AM. Meds will be delivered tomorrow, but I needed carbonation to make my digestive tract feel "normal" while I wait.

It's dark out. Sun is totally gone, and the clouds cover the moon. It felt/feels SAFE out there. Quiet and "closed in", in a way. Like an intimate version of outdoors. Only the way a Fall evening can provide, in a neighborhood of low crime and non-drama.

It hasn't always been this way, for me. I lived in N St Louis in 2003, and that was more of a freaky experience past nightfall (if one needed to be out past sunset), as some of the encounters were harrowing.

Pevely, Missouri in 2015, equally dangerous. Meth heads and stairway dwelling crack smokers (or meth? Fuck if I know) were sometimes present past nightfall. As well as the vagabonds from the nearby railway that slept beneath the stairs. Fetching laundry during the day and even checking the mail was a heartbeat-raising "risk" of "get to there and get back to here ASAP" ordeal, and it was not pleasant.

In Oakville, where I am now, I could walk to Schnucks three blocks away at 1:00 AM and not see anyone, and when I DID see someone, I could nod in the AM darkness, and get a nod and "hello" back in return, with no worries.

So, I'm safer here. Feels good.


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