I feel as though it (“it” being my time on the Internet) is drawing to a fast close. I tried as one last, final, Hail Mary value proposition (to myself) to try my hand at web development, and it just *didn’t* pan out nor make a hell of an impact on me or anyone else. nnI like to blog, write an online journal, have *some* presence across the WWW, and I am not “sick” or “bored” with the act of maintaining a blog (let’s face it, I will write every day regardless of anything), but the whole Web has become a big damn blown scene of negativity, and circular conversations, and people thinking they know everything vs people who think they know nothing (oftentimes, the opposite is true with both cases). Egotists and the shadow-dwelling ring kissers who flatter the egotists. Digital inequality. nnI want to be a part of neither

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