run that by me again?

I wonder where blog posts come from? Like is it an alignment of the stars? A handful of pixie dust tossed from a passing fairy? A chemical reaction to caffeine intake? Whatever it is, people just sort of do them, as I do them, and I never really can figure out the what or why some people put such and such on their blog.

Some of those things are obvious - travels, a tech backlog, building a product in public, notes on novel writing progress, and some blogs have specific themes, as where others (like tmo) have really No theme. It's a journal.

I don't even know where this blog post derived from? I think I was clicking through a couple "indie web" blogs and saw a fragmented set of entries that were in no relation to each other, which is expected, because they are from different blogs, and...yea, I didn't know how to make heads or tails of that - so I figure "who thinks of this stuff and why?"

Not that this inquiry (where to blog posts come from?) carries any weight or significance to the grand public nor the average "smol net" user - it's really just keyboard fodder for the morning, as coffee fuels the day.

Answer my own question

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