The [microTMO]( blog has its purpose, has a role in my day-to-day writing “flow”, but I am much more interested in the writing I do *here* on **TMO**, because it is where I can ruminate, think, prospect, on this and that element of what it is that I want to write about and *how* to write it. nnAnd also, handwriting – I just got a Mead spiral notebook this evening and I am thinking of filling a few pages with some stuff, but when it comes down to it, writing out (or basically *drawing*) letters in an effort to express my thoughts is a less efficient way of self-expression than simply pressing some buttons (like on a QWERTY keyboard). I have to think about the (very manual, very analog) method of *how* I write when writing in a handwritten journal, as where a keyboard allows me to just say what I wanna say and move on (and in a faster manner, too).nnSo, there are plus’s, there are minuses, but mostly minuses when it comes to writing by-hand.nnStill journaling (digitally) is the way to go, I think. I’ve tried writing beautiful fiction, and journalism-style stories, and all kinds of different formats of expression, and the best way to get my ideas/beliefs/feelings across, is to just *say* them via the up-front written word. I also like storytelling, and sometimes (*sometimes*) that requires being as unfiltered as possible, and that is another reason I practice the plain way of speaking with the text.nnBack later

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