The Inside Line Equipment Radius 14(L) that I mentioned earlier, I'm not sure that would stand the test of time, as where I am sure a GoRuck backpack WILL stand the test of time (durable as hell backpacks made by veterans, and built to withstand punishment). The Rucker 3.0 (20L, standard frame) should suit me just fine. I used to have the GoRuck Gr1 (best backpack I ever owned), but when I had to sell off hella stuff (including all (expensive) camping/backpacking gear) to pay off debt, the GR1 was sold on CL for ~$100 (a DEEP discount, as I paid well over $200 for it, when it was on sale!). Anyway, the Rucker 3.0 is running at $225 or so, and 20L will work good (not as roomy as the 26L GR1, but roughly $100 cheaper, so...). I think I am going to go with the Rucker in February, as having a good backpack is a big priority for me. Not just for impromptu trips to watch the dogs at my sister's in the next county over, but for day hikes, (car) camping trips, etc.

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