Tooth socket is doing well. I had a pop earlier today and it wasn't irritated by it. Now, I am having fairly hot coffee and it is not irritated by that, either. I also have dishes going.

Tomorrow, not much planned other than a fast store run to Schnucks for a few items. The STLWX will be sunny, beautiful, so I am sort of looking forward to it :)

I haven't been online a whole hell of a lot in the past couple days, few days maybe. Not because I am "sick" of the Internet, nor am I trying to avoid anything in particular, but because I just haven't felt like logging on a whole lot unless I want to write a blog post. Being in continual discomfort from pelvic pains as well as tending to an extracted tooth (or, an open tooth socket), and I have more or less been pre-occupied with more relevant happenings.

what's been on my mind?

Well let's get down to brass tacks - I am fairly certain I have a hernia (from what I've read, watched, and talked to other people about (who've had them before)), as my symptoms match up fairly consistently with that of an Inguinal Hernia. I do not know this, and will not know until at least Monday (when I see the NP), but, that is likely what is happening. And it would require surgery if that is the case. Now, the prospect surgery is not a thing that fills me with wild joy, exactly. But one thing is for certain: this pain is NOT going away, it's consistent, it hurts when I sit, lay, and sometimes while standing, and if it gets worse, it is very bad news. So, measures must be taken to "fix" whatever the hell is going on.

So, that's been pre-occupying my brain, lately.

When I am cleaned up, and feel better, I am sure blog posts will be fairly more frequent/consistent, and also I will simply want to write more, DO more, READ more, etc.

Right now, just focusing on what is ahead

But, my spirits are good. My mood is good. Life is (overall) ok. So I have no other complaints (other than the ones mentioned, of course). So, there we have it.

back soon