Roads, all the roads of old

Sometimes I think of all the roads in/around South County and Jefferson County, and I do not know why. I've been in this general area for nearly four decades, so I know a lot of them.

New 21, running into Highway M

Old 21, where no one goes because halfway houses for parolees are down that way, and also "Dead Man's Curve", which dozens of people wreck or/and die at every year

Highway 55, of course, going up and through South County, but runs adjacent the Mississippi River the length of Jefferson County, then into Arkansas, Oklahoma, and then Texas

Gravois running up and through N St Louis, St Louis Central, S St Louis, South St Louis County, and then ending at the bridge over Fenton (my hometown), which is now officially called Olde Towne Fenton

Gravois then turns to Highway 30, and that continues until the end of Cedar Hill (also Jefferson County), where it go to a two-lane road (one lane going one direction, the other going the opposite direction)

Highway AA connecting South Truman Blvd (which runs adjacent to Highway 55 (STB does), but even closer to the Mississippi), to Hillsboro (also Jefferson County (sort of the "Capitol" of JC))

Baumgartner Road which is directly behind the apartment building I am in right now, that T-intersections onto Meramec Bottom Road, but there is a "loop" between that intersection and halfway down Meramec Bottom Road, which is called Old Baumgartner

And also Old Gravois, which runs for a very short distance down (New) Gravois, but is only throughout South St Louis County, going down to Olde Towne Fenton, and then across the (once rackety, but now new bridge), and past the American Legion Hall, until  Old Gravois gets halfway down Highway 141, and then it turns ONTO Highway 141, and that is where it ends

And, of course, Highway 141, which was non-existent when I was young. There used to be a T-intersection at the entrance to Olde Towne Fenton, back when it was simply called Fenton (the name changed several years back to distinguish itself apart from the Gravois Bluffs (a relatively new shopping center that surrounds Olde Towne Fenton)), and that T-intersection, which was nothing but woodline and nature from that point forward, was cleared out and blasted until they could build Highway 141 there, which connects onto, or intersects Highway 55 somewhere. I don't know where it all goes, haha.

Watson Road, a few miles from here, which crosses Lindbergh Blvd - Watson once being considered part of Route 66, which apparently was divided and renamed at a bunch of spots? IDK.

And yes, Lindbergh Blvd, where all the racing occurs amongst the teenager with newly-acquired driver's licenses, and where me and my friends would "blow the doors off" other non-suspecting drivers. LMAO, we were so fucking dumb! Lindbergh runs the length of South St Louis County, and then goes deep into South City, who knows where it ends?

So many roads, new and old, and alleys, and neighborhoods, and municipalities, and out-counties that I've been to, visited, traveled around on - just a bunch of stuff I know about this place. Cool, weird - I'll take it!

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