I’ve been getting notifications for something like four (or more) months now to do the latest OS (point) upgrade for macOS. I’ve avoided it, and dismissed the notifications, because whenever I do an update, it causes the screen to flicker on/off, the fan runs at full-tilt, I have to keep the MacBook plugged in and unfussed with for (usually) 2 hours – it’s a fxxxing mess. Now, I have been delinquent, and a new version of macOS is arriving soon (or may already be available?), so, I need to go ahead and install these updates, and sacrifice some time away from the laptop, and just use my phone for a hot minute, and then return when the updates are done.nnThe *real* reason I need to do this, though, is because I cannot get Docker to install or do the initial setup, because of…issues. I am pretty sure they are all OS-related, though. Once I have Docker up and going, I will do my song and dance and start to self-host Standard Notes. Perhaps by the end of the night? I do not know. Then, I will likely take **tmo.name** offline, but I am not even 100% sure about that, yet (because there’s a *lot* of stuff I put there!).nnOk, see you on the dark side of the moon ;)nn

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