rising with the clouds, phone calls galore, kick starting the day with odds and ends

I woke up. Started coffee. It was half-drank when I called my sister "C" and let her know the non-diagnosis/non-treatment plan from my Primary yesterday. Just giving her a short update. I also asked about her day and whatnot - things are good there.

Then I called my pharmacy and confirmed delivery of the new anti-spasmatic medication (for, like, organ spasms(?)), and they are delivering it tomorrow.

I also called Independence Center and asked to reschedule my Orientation Day 1 and 2 for next week, as I still have to wait for Metro Call-A-Ride transport approval. I will know on Monday, but am rescheduling IC in the meantime. I also e-mailed them about rescheduling.

Other (zine-related) things

Last night I got an e-mail from itch.io, or the creator of a piece of software I am interested in on itch.io, announcing v.1.0 of The ZineArranger, which is a piece of software that allows one to organize PDFs for printing a zine. I needed EXACTLY this for print editions of The Zine Around The Corner! I paid $2 for the software just a moment ago, and will look into it shortly.

Issue. 11 of TZATC will be started/finished soon. I will also get past issues in compliance with the ZineArranger software, for easy printing :)

And props and shout out to donut on Smol.pub for exploring the zine world, as mentioned in their post here. Zines are one of the most fulfilling things a person can do! :)

So, stuff to do today.

Brake Lawncare is raising dust, buzzing and trimming the property outside, and I don't know why I mention this.

Walks, workouts, music, coffee, zines, and life - that is what I will be up to today.

And a belated apology to M. Perry for not practicing the not getting things done (ngtd) method of things he mentioned here, which I 100% agree with, and try to align myself with this way of (not) doing things, but sometimes life occurrences must be "dealt with", haha.

Hi, Mike. Hi, donut. Hi, Friday. Hi, world.

back soon

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