I missed the boat on the first trend. **Indie blogs**. Or, personal blogs about one’s life, and experiences in life – sort of like longform personal experience essays with a lot of *wit* thrown in. I had a blog on AOL Member Spaces in 2002, but that was nothing, and I didn’t know how things worked, and…yea. I wasn’t a part of that “scene”. The “Magnum Opus” of that scene, I suppose, was the story of, and the popularization of, “The Julie/Julia Project” (made into a movie called *Julie & Julia* – Meryl Streep, Amy Adams, etc. – a big deal). Those days are no more. RIP indie blogs.nnIn terms of **gossip blogs**, I hounded and pestered my way into that scene. Starting in late-2006, I started a blog called “Notorious News”, and I joined blog networks, sent e-mails, linked to other bloggers, and did everything I could to make myself “SEEN”, in any way possible, and eventually some pretty big partnerships were formed, and I had a day (or a few years) in the sun writing for a big publication, and then everything dissolved when the publications (significantly) bigger than ours got bought-out, and then closed down. RIP gossip blogs.nnAnd for **tech blogs**, starting somewhere around 2010, first with Engadget, and Android Authority, Mashable, and eventually The Verge – those all hit it big. In terms of Internet success, anyway. People *wanted*, and even *needed* to see/know what was happening across those publications – now a lone publication from those days continues to exist (or, at least “thrive” in any way), The Verge. Even if someone revs up a blog with a tech “theme”, it will never “be as big” as those pubs, much like the gossip era is gone, much like the indie era is gone. RIP tech blogs.nWhat’s next?nnFxxx if I know. *Something* will come along. I doubt it’d be an online journal (like this heap of hoo hoo that is). But, new things happen over time. And I look forward to them.nnback soonnn(first published on **** – for S&G’s)nn

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