I don’t have an end-all/be-all solution to getting the AT headphones to hang off the side of the desk, yet. I know I need/want a *peg* and not the (included) *hooks* that come with the desk, because the hooks really dig into the (thin) rubber and padding on the headphones, and will sure enough tear through the fabric in time. So, for now, the headphones are tucked away in the cloth/fabric “pouch” that is on the other side of the desk, and that will just be the storage for them for now, but, I will *definitely* get some sort of peg that will fit into one of the holes on the other side of the desk. In due time.nnIn the meantime, I may use the hooks to store wires, but only the Apple EarPods would make sense, as it would just be a place TO put them, as they are usually collecting dirt on the floor of my apartment somewhere (next to the bed, next to the easy chair, wherever). EarPods are great for on-the-fly listening (plus they’re free! (usually)), but suck for high quality audio. nnAnyway, in terms of any type of *permanence* to the desk rig, I am actually glad that Schiit Audio wouldn’t/couldn’t accept my debit card for whatever reason in November when I went to order the Schiit Magni 2 headphone amplifier. Instead I will go with a small(er) unit, like the FiiO Q3 (which I’ve mentioned many times before), or at least that is the plan for January. The only thing I would get *besides* that unit, would be a HELM Bolt USB-C DAC/amp (with MQA, because I listen to Tidal). The Q3 would in all likelihood sound a bit better (and cost more), but the HELM Bolt is literally just a dongle, no thought to it, no batteries, no switches, no worries, no bullshit – easy. I like the HELM Bolt more, but everything with them is pre-order only the last time I checked. I should look again.nn#listeningnotesnnn

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