For Feb. 28 to the nurse practitioner. My sister can take me, I will go to her house a bit beforehand, and then go to the doc at 4:00 PM. So, glad I could confirm a ride.

Now, the sun is setting (4:45 PM here), and the sliding glass door is wide open, letting in all the fresh, warm air that I can. Central fan is running, and I am about to make coffee.

Also, I AM going to go through with the dental appointment (tooth extraction) on Wednesday (day after tomorrow) in Hillsboro. The STLWX is changing (getting snowy/icy) in the mid-evening, and my appointment is at 9:10 AM, so we should be OK in terms of getting there and back ok. So now, I have the oral pain that will only be a few days into the healing process going on Feb. 28 when I show up to get the other thing addressed with the nurse practitioner.

My life - pain

However, ( fingers crossed ) I will heal up quickly from the extraction, and I can discontinue the regular Motrin/Tylenol use, and things will heal up nicely and everything will be hunky dory. Then comes all the BS that may or may not be affiliated with the other issue that is going on (which I'll talk about in general detail after the NP appointment).

And, really, I will be incredibly releived to be OFF of Motrin/Tylenol, because taking any type of anti-inflammatory or/and pain med, or any pill that isn't 1000% Life Or Death, is a generally bad thing, in my opinion. Also, Motrin/Tylenol are NOT intended to be consumed for long-term use - they're fine for a day, or even a few days, or a week if absolutely necessary, but for multiple weeks on-end, no. It's a bad thing to do.

And also, there will be no opioid-based replacement for the OTC medications (or, no heavy painkillers). I mean they will likely just assume I will want/need some (as that was the case for the two previous extractions - they just handed me the script, without asking), but I will simply decline the prescription, and let them know that I will get through just fine with Excedrine (which are like double-stuff Tylenol (650mg of acetominophen)). The way I see it, my neice, "K", got ALL FOUR of her wisdom teeth removed in one, big oral surgery procedure (well, it could have been two separate procedures, but they were close by), and all she took for it in the following weeks was Extra Strength Tylenol. Mostly because she, like the family, and like me, are basically "against" any form of heavy-duty painkiller.

I, personally, never really "got into" pain meds when I was a teenager (or any time), even though I had many friends who were quite addicted to them (be it prescription opioids or heroin) - Oxycontin ran rampant in my high school, and that usually lead to people being "on the needle". In fact, one friend, whom I would consider my "best friend" during my freshman year of HS (whose initials were "SR") actually ended up passing away from an accidental overdose on heroin at the age of 28. I was devastated, everyone who knew/loved him on Facebook were devastated, and I always felt sort of bizarre when I turned 30 (we were the same age), and knew that he would never know what 30 was. Or would never know what 30 was like. Sad when people you sort of assume would grow old just...don't.

Anyhow, fuck pain pills. Fuck drugs, in general, honestly. And let's hope I can be rid of these shitty acetominophen pills after the root heals over (which will likely take a week+ after the extraction).

back soon