I am glad I was able to log back in to my Revolut banking account without an issue. All my info was up-to-date, they had my current phone number and current (primary) e-mail address on-file, and I logged in just fine. So, I will be able to order a physical Revolut Card fairly soon, and I outlined in the offline Joplin journal what it is I intend to do with future monies. nnI will not go into too much detail here, but long story short, I plan to save money more often in the future, and that is going to start in December. There are still regular “life expenses”, and all, and the Hotspot device that must be ordered, but there is still room to save after those purchases, regardless. nnSo, all is well there, and perhaps I can have a smol “nest egg” by the end of 2022? I don’t care how much I manage to scrounge aside via Revolut savings or/and silver purchases (I still get physical silver from time to time), but I hope it is a fair amount to make a “life change” with. What *is* a “life change”? I have no idea. Make a change in my life that can only be accomplished (or be made easier) through a financial conveyance of some sort. Haha.nnBack later.

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