I am listening to Aerosmith(!) right now. Haven’t put on a song by them in over a decade. At least! The song? “Cryin'”. Not bad. Incredible, really.nnTheir song “Amazing” (also off the *Get A Grip* album) was a game-changer for me at one time. I remember being in the recovery process of sobering up from months of taking amphetamines daily (around age 15 is when I came out of “the buzz” (yea, I was a reckless little fxxxer)), and getting my head straight seemed to be taking *forever*. I thought I would *always* be in some sort of quasi-addicted brain haze – but then, I heard “Amazing” on my headphones when I was walking to the bus to go to school one day, and I almost broke down crying. Really epic experience.nnI won’t go into another trip down (weird, broken, crazy) Memory Lane this evening, as I will likely save that for another time. For now, I just want to listen to some good music, write a bit, and drink coffee.nnBack later

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