So, I didn’t need the (now useless) FoxFi Key and PDAnet+ apps on my phone any longer, so I went ahead and removed them. Replaced the PDAnet+ app on my homescreen with my ProtonMail app. There was another app I removed in the process that I am just now remembering: Facebook. Not that I *use* or have even had an account on FB in seven years, but it comes built-in to this phone (Moto G7 Power), and every time I restart the phone, it reinstalls itself. Sucks. But, I always uninstall, and move along.nnBut anyway, I woke from a nap after having iced my leg for a bit (feeling slightly better (both me and the leg)), and started to think: “do I hop on the computer, or just stay using the phone?” and then quickly remembered, “ah yes, the Mac is all but reset in the closet and won’t work with the Internet – the phone it will be”, and oddly enough, I found *relief* in this lack of choice. I was going to be sticking with the phone no matter what, so I didn’t have an “extra step” to do just to hammer out a blog post (I DID come into the kitchen to use the MX Keys keyboard with the phone, though (and to make coffee)).nnSo, I *did* have plans for the WiFi Hotspot from Cricket Wireless ($80 + a new SIM to go with it), and now I won’t need that, so I will just spring for a (much cheaper) TwelveSouth phone stand for this phone, so I can not be hunched over when writing/surfing the WWW.nn**So what about web dev? Where am I going with all that?**nnHell, man, I don’t even know where I stand with it all. Right now I am just in the moment, letting things fall where they may. I got a leg to recover from before I am even in the *mood* to do anything even resembling “busy work”, and the laptop is as good as worthless, in my eyes. The phone, and being mobile-only, is right up my alley, and where I feel most “at home”, and most “efficient” in the way to do things. No more on/off WiFi, everything happens/stays on one device, no juggling of scanned documents, and photos snapped, and words written, and everything else – it’s all just *here*, and with me all the time. Hell, I’ll probably turn down the keystroke volume on the virtual keyboard of this device and do some more mobile blog posts in the future. Sounds good to me!nnOK, back to coffee

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