...which means another late night for me. I napped from some odd hour until 8:00 PM (8:30 now), and now I feel very well rested and good. And at 6:00 AM tomorrow, I will do laundry, and in all likelihood I will already be awake when 6:00 AM rolls around.

Now, I make coffee, and turn on the AC, because it has climbed to 77F in my apartment, even though the temps outside have gone lower. And it was (still is, really) a nice day. Breezy as could be, and in the mid-60's. Pleasant, pleasant, pleasant.

And, the coffee is poured, is delicious.

Nothing important to write about at this time. Just minor observances, passing time with text, moving through the eve, putting caffeine into the system, having some VA/Per tobacco from the churchwarden pipe, feeling fairly good :)

back soon