*I* didn’t reschedule it, the therapist did, because something came up. So, I will have therapy on Wednesday instead of tomorrow, which should be just fine. nnNow, espresso. Schnucks instant espresso, to be exact. Yum.nnSometimes, I think back to faster/looser times. With my writing, that is. I mean, there’s no “set” way for me to write now, and there likely never will be, but, I felt that as a young(er) writer, and being more amateurish, and inexperienced, there was almost an “inexperience is bliss” type of attitude that I had towards the written word. Makes me wish I could have gone back and archived all those old Tumblr posts from 2011-2016 (all *ten thousand*+ of them!), so I could go back and see just where I came from, and what I was up to. nnThe best writing happens *after* age 30, though (from what I’ve seen, what I’ve read, and what I’ve experienced, myself). It’s almost as if I didn’t “know how the world worked” previous to age 30 or 31. I was (for the longest time (the first 1/3 of my life)) lost in the sauce of angst, confusion, fear, mixed ambition, and just a general malaise of “how does *this* work?”, “how am I supposed to do *that*?” in my day to day life. Essentially, I was like a teenager until I turned 30 something years old, and I almost feel like I have lived several lifetimes in the past eight years. Hell, it is hard to imagine that I moved into this apartment complex but (only) six years ago! I feel like I have been here for at least a decade! nnMaybe I’ve gotten “better” (at life)? Or, more efficient (which is a lame ass way of looking at it, to be honest – nothing should be “efficient” about life). Or maybe I am still just some stupid kid who had a lucky bout with good medications for a while, and everything will wear off in due time? That is always a possibility, too.nnTime will tellnnBack later

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