The small web, the dWeb, the easy web, the slow web, the calm web, the zonk out into a coma web - who cares? The WWW is a thing that exists, navigate it wisely (and at your own risk), and don't worry about frivolous "movements" in what is happening where and how. The WWW is decentralized by default, and if there's ever a fleeting moment where you/I/anyone happen to disagree with a "centralized" or perhaps even immoral service - don't use it. No one makes anyone do anything.

I mean, I am "all for" the ethos of a more decentralized type of Internet, but only insofar as the centralized services go away, and nothing else springs up in their place. A futile attempt to "move people away" from X service, and over to Y service, is effectively just that - futile. Silly. A waste of everyone's time. The only real "reason" a service such as Mastodon, or Pixelfed, or something like that has to exist is to act as a sort of "methadone" to help some people (like I did) kind of "psychologically detox" from the "Big Networks".

And I understand the excuse that people make in regards to "I need FB Messenger to talk to so and so", and "I need to keep up with this thing over here because that happens and I have a FOMO" - I understand those excuses, just as I understand the (false) justifications people come up with to make excuses to begin with. But sure as you're born - they ARE an excuse. Such as how FOMO is simply that, a fear (which is always illogical and in some cases delusional). In the case of centralized (and wildly popular) services as social networks are, the lubricant of an excuse usually revolves around convenience. We live in 2022, people can correspond and even congregate through a number of methods and services, so there is no legitimate "choke point" to how one ends up sending correspondence to another human being.

And I am not necessarily trying to preach a sermon I've riffed on many times before (though it sort of seems that way). What I am saying is, responsibility starts with the individual, and making an attempt to "invent" a way into a different service/platform to "replace" a thing (that isn't very good to begin with) is essentially like "free gambling", or "diet heroin", or something like that - it's a complete fallacy and the more I see these little things come around, the more it makes me realize that A) yea, a lot of people have trouble letting go, B) people are fairly good at justifying this (fair/free/indie) service as a replacement for a more malicious one, and C) people are impatient and unwilling to organically find folks who they like and who also like them.

It is what it is

Cathartic, at best

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