I made a list on Standard Notes called "renewal calendar" under the "#general" category and this is what is on it:


olry.co - 3.29.2022
thanx.cc - 7.31.2022
tmo.name - 12.1.2022


ProtonMail - 12.1.2022
Feedbin - ❌ CANCELLED
Carrd.co - ❌ CANCELLED
Write.as - ❌ CANCELLED


Plausible.io ($90 per year)
DNSimple.com ($60 per year)
1Feed.app ($45 per year)
Standard Notes ($30 per year)
Geocaching ($30 per year)

All looks good, but I come up "short" because the cancellations do not outweigh the new items added. Feedbin was $60 per year (I think), Carrd.co was $49 per year, and Write.as was $60 per year, but I paid for five years of Write.as Pro up-front in 2019 (or somewhere around there), so I technically still have a Pro account with that service up through 2024 (not that it will get used again).

The other (new) services have their prices listed, but I didn't go in-depth with the domain renewals and what their costs will be. I imagine somewhere near what I inititally paid for them (between $1.99 and $14.99, usually). I remember seeing "olry.co" as having a lower renewal rate than what I initially paid for it, which was $130, which was entirely too much $$ to spend on a silly domain name, and I will never pay anywhere near that much again, but, impulsiveness is a real thing :/

Anyway, just getting ish organized :)